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Guest Blogger Shelley Noble aka Shelley Freydont

Hi fellow babe followers – today we have guest babe Shelley Noble aka Freydont talking about edits and the beach, which ties in with her brand spanking new novel, Beach Colors – available 6 12!

Beach Colors: A Novel


It’s Beach Time


It’s getting to be beach time and as always I seem to be eyeball deep in edits, proofs, new works in progress and, this year, waiting for my first women’s fiction to hit the shelves.  This month.  Next week. Just in time for beach reading.  Which is a good thing because my novel is titled Beach Colors.


Obviously I have a thing about the shore.  There’s something so inviting, and yet so challenging about the ocean.  We can laze for hours, basking in those UV rays, while we lose ourselves in a good book or two.  Or relax, having drinks on the terrace as the sun disappears behind us and the sky grows dark. And if you look hard at those tiny blinking lights on the distant black horizon, you might imagine they are alien space ships just waiting for us to go to sleep.  Or it could be the martinis, and they’re really just cruise ships on their way south.


The beach in winter or fall or spring takes on whole different atmospheres, just like different beaches have different personalities. Or how one day it can be welcoming and the next a huge natural force to threaten or frighten.


I always seem to set my stories at the shore.  All my mystery series take place on a lake or along a river.  I think part of that is that water is always moving, changing.  It can be reflective of the characters that inhabit the environs, can be their shelter in a storm, or their ultimate challenge.


The waves can also cleanse, invigorate.  When I’ve finished a stint of work and before I start on the next one, I just like to hang out, sometimes sitting, eyes closed, sometimes walking the boardwalk, while I let the tide rush in and pull out the bits and fragments of unused ideas, refresh them and hand them back. Then I feel inspired, energetic, and sometimes a bit sunburned.   Definitely relaxed and it takes me a few days to gear up again. 



But when I do, I feel like I have a whole new vocabulary of thoughts. Vacation, work session, or both rolled into one.  What could be better than a day at the shore?


Beach Colors is a story of Margaux Sullivan, a New York fashion designer who after a serious loss realizes her life has become the same as her designs, stark, cutting-edge and dark.  What happened to the enthusiastic, colorful designer she was when she started in the fashion business.  The optimistic girl she’d been when she lived in Crescent Cove, Connecticut, a beach town where every day was more colorful than the day before. Whether it was light glistening on the Long Island Sound, or clouds reflecting off the waves during a storm, sunrise or sunset, every day was a promise of something wonderful ahead.


Now she’s come home to rediscover those things, that person, to reconnect with her mother and her two best friends, to reinvent her life and perhaps, just perhaps, get a second chance at love.

Thank you Shelley!! Good luck with your new book – for more info, I’ve included the link to her website, and the amazon page 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Shelley Noble aka Shelley Freydont

  1. Shelley, your book sounds wonderful. I love women fiction and I will be sure to get a signed copy of yours!

  2. Thanks Patrice. And thanks babes for having me today.

  3. Shelly, I can’t wait to read it!!! You know I hope you sell a ton of them and that you reach the best seller list ASAP. Will see you in January and we’ll toast your success. Any signings set up yet? Have a great summer and dance on the beach!

  4. Thanks Mary and I’ll hold you to the toast or two. Beach Colors has become such a part of me that I’m excited to know that I will be writing two sequel novellas before the end of the year.

  5. Congratulations, Shelley and much success. Sounds wonderful. Such a great summer beach read!

  6. Thanks so much Michael. You’e doing well too I hear.

  7. traciella on said:

    Shelley – thanks again for guesting on Babes, and good luck with your book release!

  8. I often go to this tiny beach to write. I take my AlphaSmart, start up the ipod and write for hours. I often get more writing done there than I do at home.

  9. Thanks for having me
    I had a blast

  10. Kristin. I love to write at the beach, even if I take pen and paper and it gets sand everywhere.

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