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Beauty Tips

Secrets?    Maybe some tips. 

 1.  Bare Escentuals Make up. Minerals stay on, don’t melt and let’s talk the ease of using it.  Granted there’s a bit of a cloud of minerals, but the benefits are hands over fist worth it.

2.  Have oily skin?  Don’t use scrubs.  Facial scrubs have abrasives in it and with acne prone skin, its stirring up the dirt and making more blemishes.  Proactive is by far the best solution.

 3. Get a mascara comb. Some women put on too much mascara and then all we see is mascara! A lash comb will thin it out and it will look more natural.  FYI a blonde should wear brown mascara.  You want it to look natural and black lashes doesn’t.

 4.  Faux Tan.  Bare Escentuals makes the best.   Its dark brown, you apply with a fat, very soft brush and it goes on without streaks.  Let it cure for a couple hours and it gets darker. 

 5.  Ped Egg. I’m barefoot most times, even in winter.  So calluses are a given.  The Ped Egg is the safest way to rid your dainty feet of ‘man marks’ as I call them.  Do not use it when your feet are damp. It will cut.

 I wish I had more but today, I’m working on a new story idea and my brain is in that ‘what if?’ mode.  

 Think… while you’re reading this, Rhonda Pollero is sitting alone… on her Leedo deck balcony on a cruise shop, reading a book.  With the assurance she’ll get to finish it!  I’m pea green with envy.


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One thought on “Beauty Tips

  1. traciella on said:

    I love bare escentuals!!! I think you turned me onto it at one of the conferences. Great post, Ames, and good luck with the new story idea!

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