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The one thing to help a career?

If I knew that, I’d be doing it.   My career is in a deep hole and I’m digging it out the best I can.

For you, new writer… get an agent and write a great book.  Find your niche and work it.

Be ethical.  If you don’t know what I mean, look it up.  I am a professional and in all aspects, I behave as such.

Be realistic.  The tough part.  Everyone has a starry eyed picture of what they want their career to be and the reality pales.  When I was first published, I thought I’d write 25 book and then retire.  HA.

In the last two years I’ve changed my direction twice.  I’ve written all sorts of proposals, but few truly excite me.  So the best advice I can give anyone on the one thing… be passionate about whatever it is you are writing.  Passion drives us more than commitment.  For me, a contract and money give me passion. =)

What do you think is the ONE THING that will help a career?


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