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To Agent or not?

With digital publishing, people believe you don’t need an agent.  I disagree.  Odd, since I haven’t had an agent for about 6 years.  But I also had an advantage of being long time friends with my editor, so that cancels it out.  Sorta.

I want an agent for the simple reason that contracts are complicated and have lots of loop holes that I don’t understand. Agents do.  Publishers write those with the advantage in their court.  Agents will guard your back, will open doors and will bend ears about you and your talents.  And then sell it and get a little something for that effort. (though I think 15% is a bit high)  If an agent talks my work, sends it out or even discusses it with an editor, she / he is the agent of record and they are owed the 15%. anything else is unprofessional.

And an FYI…. the reason advances go to agents first or have split checks is becaseu writers would not PAY the agents once the book was sold.

I don’t want to be my own agent, nor the publisher.  There is not enough protection for digital books.  that’s my first beef.  Idiots out there have stolen an authors works a hundred times over.  People are very comfortable stealing my work and reselling it for a profit.  I don’t want all the headaches, nor time it takes to self publish.  I’m old school.  Publishers do that, I just write the books.




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One thought on “To Agent or not?

  1. I agree with you… but how would someone like me – a half Kuwaity half Iraqi author who is doing his senior year in Egypt – would find a good agent… I have been looking for a way to do so, I’ve always wanted an agent to relief some of the burden I have. It took me alot of time and energy to place my book on the shelves.
    And I agree with you, I wouldn’t like it for ppl to steal my work too on the web, lots of ppl do that… besides, I hate reading of the screens 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, best of luck in the writer’s world 🙂

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