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Agents – yes, or no?

When it comes to the agent question, my vote is yes. These reasons are important to me, but I know plenty of other writers who are fine navigating publishing themselves. You are welcome to comment!

Traci’s Reason #1

The publishing landscape changes on a daily, no, hourly, basis and writers are left with more choices than ever – which can be overwhelming.

How to publish: self publish, traditional Big Six, traditional small press, e pub only, vanity press

Where to publish:amazon e pub only, which provides benefits but also limits availability, smashwords, which, for a small percentage, puts your book everywhere, small press, or New York. Nook’s PubIt program on Barnes and Noble – sony, apple, kobo – and I’m sure there are many more. Time might be a deciding factor.

It is smart to have someone knowledgable in your corner to discuss industry news with – another alternative is subscribing to Publisher’s Lunch.

Traci’s Reason #2

New York is a tough nut to crack, and if you want to reach editors who can buy your book, you need an agent who can get it before the right people. The writing world is tight – ask around before signing anything! Get an agent you can see working with for the long term. You do not have to be friends, lol, but business partners. Your writing career is your business. I am not an agent, I do not have time to be an agent, and so I work with someone I trust in that capacity.

A way around the agent dilemma to reach New York? Go to conferences, network…I have a great friend who just signed a three book contract by meeting with an editor at our local conference.  It can happen!

Traci’s Reason #3

I can’t do it alone, lol. For anyone who knows me personally, my 13th book, The Queen’s Guard :Violet, was just released. My goals for my career require more than the grunt work I’ve done on my own so far. I am not getting where I want to be, which is New York, and so I found someone who likes my voice, likes my writing style and who believes they can get me into the big houses. It is not a fast process, lol. There have been some growing pains…but I know that we both want the same end goal. Are you familiar with the saying, “It take a village to raise a child?” Well, I believe it takes an agency to guide a career. 

So as an added bonus to this blog, my previously hinted at agent, Josh Getzler, gave me a hot tip for those looking to submit. Right now, at this very moment, he shared this!  “I’m looking for historical fiction these days—would love a good French or Russian Revolution novel—and dark, realistic, girl YA.”

Thank you Josh!!!! I’ve included his contact information below. I also promised he wouldn’t be inundated with stalkers, lol, so be kind and professional if you decide to drop him a line 🙂

Josh Getzler

Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency

287 Spring Street

New York, NY 10013



Thanks for stopping by today – please feel free to comment if you have any things you would like to share regarding agents!


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11 thoughts on “Agents – yes, or no?

  1. I absolutely agree. The point is there simply aren’t enough hours in the day already.

    By the way, is your agent friend looking for the next Douglas Adams?

  2. I agree with you 100% and I loved your comment about it taking an agency to guide a career =)

    • traciella on said:

      Hi Natalie! If you don’t have an agent, I highly recommend looking at their website to see if they would be a good fit. I’ve heard horror stories abot finding the wrong agent 😦

  3. That’s really kind of you… I am looking for a way to reach audience in the US, this may be great for my new release 🙂
    Thank you very much for this 🙂

  4. Cathy Stewart on said:

    Traci, I’d love an agent for the same reasons you stated. I write medieval Scottish romance, so I’ll pop over to Jason’s website and see if he’d be interested. Thanks!

  5. I like knowing I’ve got an advocate in my corner. Someone knowledgeable enough to go through my contracts and negotiate on things I might not think to question. I think you’ve got to have good communications with your agent, always feel like you can approach him or her, and tend to think on the same wavelength. I’ve known people who were semi-fearful of their agents – that doesn’t make for a good working relationship. 🙂

    • traciella on said:

      So true – the publishing world can be tough, and just knowing there is a professional on your side makes all the difference. Being afraid of an agent or editor sort of sabotages the business part, lol. I wish I could give everyone a dose of confidence in themselves!

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