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who wants to be a writer?

I never wanted to be a writer.  My idea of a writer was a skinny soul scratching out stories by candlelight.  I was a lic. cosmetologist.  Making beaucoup bucks at it, too.  But like most of us, i was a reader.  often, when I was a kid, sneaking books I’d get grounded for reading because they were too adult. (Stephen King!)

I was a voracious reader, but the urge to write came when I read a romance that wasn’t all that great.  Hear me, I’d read a couple hundred already that were fantastic and I tried to understand why I didn’t like it.  That was the seed.  ‘I’d have done it this way’  runs through your mind.  Then I metioned this lousy book to a pal and she challenged me to do better.  She was insulted I dared be critical one of HER authors.  It was really more like, oh reallly?  you think you can do better, try.   While our kids played, I sat right there and wrote.  Oddly, she read it and said, not half bad.  If she said it stunk, I’d have just kept on being a reader.  what prompted me to keep going is I hadn’t finished the book and didn’t know jack about writing.   After we relocated to Okinawa, I was in full bore writing mode.  I also had my first experience with fellow writers.  I’d never met anyone who wrote fiction.  (met lots of military non fiction writers, naturally)  they turned me onto all sorts of new ideas and avenues.  I love them for that.

So the jist of this is that it was happenstance.  I never intented to write for a living. I was just writing to see if I could do it. It was all about the challenge of something new.  (for me, at least)  In 1992….I found out that, yup, I can and a publisher wanted to buy it.  This September I’ll have been a memeber of RWA for 22 years and the 20 yr anniversary of my first sale.  37 books in 20 years.  In any other genre that would be phenominal.  In romance, I’m small potatoes.  In that same time, Maureen Child has written over 120.  See, small ‘taters.  =)

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One thought on “who wants to be a writer?

  1. I didn’t even like to read… but the urge ti write came when i saw how bad stories are becoming… and when ppl loved my ideas, i took my self serious and started to write …i would try to lose weight to fit the profile but i love food 😛
    Congratulation for your anniversaries… looks like i have a lot of catching up to do.
    Best of luck for you and all your beloved ones 🙂

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