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Why I wanted to be a writer…

I loved telling stories, and entertaining myself with them.  I loved to read and spent lots of hours escaping from my own childhood into a book.

That was the coolest magic I know, and I hope I provide the same for others who read my stuff! It’s good mojo.And positve feedback from readers feeds the fire!

I was just reading a review of Diary of a Bad Boy on Goodreads where a reader gave me 3 out 5 stars, because even though the book was good, she guessed, and even brought her to tears over the character development, there was a little too much Jesus in there for her 🙂 Which is totally fine, I am not a Christian writer, but I stayed true to the story – what makes me happy about this review is that even though this person has a thing against Jesus in her stories she was hooked enough that she read it all the way through. And yes, cried. For me that’s a win.

On another note, other writers tell me all the time that they don’t read their reviews. Reviews are subjective and the truth is that everybody has an opinion. Sometimes people just don’t get your work, or like your style. I’ve had the same editor reject five projects over a period of five years – she doesn’t like the way I write. There is nothing I can do to change that, so I had to learn to let it go. I don’t mind reviews because maybe I can learn something that will teach me to be a better writer.

The best thing about being a writer is creating stories and worlds for readers to move around in.

The worst thing about being a writer?

Marketing. It kind of sucks the life right out of you 🙂

Happy wednesday!


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7 thoughts on “Why I wanted to be a writer…

  1. You’re right, Traci. When a reader cries over your work, it’s definitely a win. Love
    the blog.

  2. You really got this one right.. marketing is our kryptonite.
    Good for you for having to bring tears for the reader. I got a lot catching up to do.
    All the best in your writing 🙂

    • traciella on said:

      You totally understand!! So, ahamin, what made YOU want to be a writer?

      • Well… I didn’t even like reading, but when I lived for a while in Emirates, I met a group of students who were discussing the making of a movie, after I saw how my ideas had impressed them, I started to take a little interest in literature… One day, I talked to a friend of mine about an idea of a fiction thriller novel I had… three days later, he called me from a video store, asking me about the name of the novel i had in mind, he thought it was a movie. And it was because of him, that i started to write, and here i am, a published author, and soon to release my book next week…. 🙂
        sry for that long reply, I hope it wasn’t boring… What about you? How did the spark started with you?

      • traciella on said:

        Congratulations on your book release! I just always knew, I guess, lol. Sort of boring!

      • Well at least its not lame… 😛
        ‘You always knew’…. 😀
        But right now, Its the only thing that makes me feel euphoric, as if I its the real reason why i’m here, once I start typing, good ideas comes, and it feels amazing….
        That’s lame isn’t it? 😀

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