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Thanks for sharing SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR release week!

Hopefully some of you have read the book by now.  If so, kindly feel free to leave a comment on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or at  If you enjoyed the book, tell your friends!

This brings me to the dreaded topic of promotion.  So not my strong suit.  This week has been hard for me because I’m really not one of those people who can comfortably say, “Pay attention to me!  Buy my book!”

Not that I don’t want you to buy my book, I do.  Buy several, it makes a great gift *g*.  I used to toss a lot of money at promoting books but quite frankly, I didn’t see a lot of return on my investment.  So I’m doing a couple of signings and had some Paradise pens and bookmarks created but the major promo item on this book has been the excerpt booklet my publisher put together for me.  Not only does it have SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR in it but it also includes a peek at the next Finley book, BARGAIN HUNTING.  It gives people a taste of the tone and content of the book so they will hopefully be inspired to buy it.

I know writers who spend their entire advance on publicity.  Not me.  I don’t think it’s a good business move to spend like crazy.  I use the pizza parlor model.  If I was opening a pizzeria, I’d need to advertise but I’d also have to buy the equipment and food.  If I spent all my money on advertising, I wouldn’t be able to afford the dough to make the pizza.

Thanks for spending the week with me!

Hope you enjoy SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR . . . And remember the giveaway . . . the first person to answer this question gets an autographed copy of Slightly Irregular and a Paradise pen (or a coffee mug if you prefer).

What kind of car does Finley drive?  Make, Model, Color

Be the first one with the answer and I’ll send you your gift. (announced on Monday)


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One thought on “Thanks!

  1. Hey there… congratulations on your book, I hope one day it will find its way to my shelves.
    But can you help me with something? I wanna know how to place my novel on Amazon, I live in Egypt at the moment and i am kind of wondering how the shipping thing goes… I mean, how do you do it?
    thanks and sry to bother you with my question… 🙂

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