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Even More Slightly Irregular


What makes Finley, well, Finley?

By now you all have your copy of SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR, right?

Creating a character requires creating a world.  World building is a long process.  At least it is for me.  I thought long and hard about the world Finley would inhabit.  Knowing I was going to write a series, I had to remember to cast a wide net.  Give her many friends, create a workplace that allowed for lots of conflict and lastly, she needed some family.

I get the most hate mail about Finley’s mother, Cassidy.  She’s been called vicious and unbelievable.  Well, that just makes me smile.  Finley’s mother is a nicer version of my mother.  No, that isn’t a typo.  Cassidy can’t hold a candle to my mother.  There’s an old adage about writing what you know.  And I know a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship.  Just as an FYI, my mother never saw herself in Cassidy – more smiling.

But Cassidy isn’t just overly critical; she’s also goal-oriented.  I think that’s a positive character trait, so when I was building the world I made sure Cassidy had a purpose beyond belittling Finley.  But their interactions do have a profound effect on Finley.  She’s relationship shy, maybe because her mother has been divorced/widowed so many times.  Or maybe like so many people, she just doesn’t trust her instincts enough to commit to any man.

When it came to Finley’s friends, I purposefully made them all successful.  I wanted to show that Finley is capable of holding her own with her friends and that her career choice was just that, a choice.  I also made one of her friends stunningly beautiful.  I did that because I wanted to play off Finley’s insecurities.  It’s easy to relate to being the friend of the prettiest girl in the room – it’s called getting the leftovers.

When it came to her physical locations, I made choices as well.  Finley was a trust fund kid, though her mother has now cut her off to teach her how to handle money better.  I moved Finley from a condo to a tiny cottage in Palm Beach proper.  Kind of like getting the best zip code only instead of a mansion, you get the smallest place on the beach.  But Finley is happy with her home.  She’s more than content with her small slice of paradise.

For her job, I wanted a conservative law firm.  I did that so Finley’s escapades would put her job in jeopardy and without the safety net of her trust, she has to be mindful of her employment status.  The three partners all have unique takes on Finley but my favorite one to write is Vain Victor Dane, the managing partner.  He’s a metrosexual tightass who has mani-pedis more often than Finley.

So that’s what makes Finley, well, Finley.

And remember the giveaway . . . the first person to answer this question gets an autographed copy of Slightly Irregular and a Paradise pen (or a coffee mug if you prefer).

What kind of car does Finley drive?  Make, Model, Color

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One thought on “Even More Slightly Irregular

  1. I feel like such a toad! It’s a champagne pink Mercedes CLK convertible. Sheesh!

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