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Slightly Irregular week

T’was the night before release day . . .

Some of you may not know that sales on the release date of a book are seriously important to the editors and the author.  It kind of indicates if the book will have some success or if it’s going out there only to be ignored by the reading public.

So mark your calendars and run to a brick and mortar store and/or any of the online booksellers and get your copy of SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR.  Finley is back!

For those of you who haven’t read the previous books in the series, fear not.  Each book stands on its own.  This installment has Finley trying to solve a murder that is decades old.  At the same time she’s attempting to balance her complicated work and love lives.  Finley is a West Palm Beach paralegal who just happens to be a secret bargain shopper and an underachiever by choice.  She is surrounded by good friends and two men she’s attracted to for different reasons.  Then there’s her mother . . .

Cassidy (five Surnames) is into serial divorce/widowhood and sees her daughter as a complete failure because Finley took her LSATs but never went to law school.  Finley looks even worse when compared to her younger, perfect sister, Lisa.  Lisa is a pediatric oncologist and is about to marry one of the wealthiest men in Atlanta.  Finley struggles just to find an escort to the event.

And yes, her initials spell FAT.  And yes, she’s heard every joke on the planet.  None of them very flattering.  They are family names, though.  At the time Cassidy got pregnant she was sleeping with Mr. Mr. Finley and Mr. Tanner, hence the name.  Finley doesn’t have any daddy issues though, she just accepts what is.

And what is in this book reveals a long-held secret that may have deadly consequences for her closest friend.  Finley will do anything for her friends, including putting herself in harm’s way.  Especially when sexy P.I. Liam McGarrity has her back.

Finley is a fun character to write and I hope you enjoy.  I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Slightly Irregular and a Paradise pen (Or a coffee mug if you prefer) to the first person who posts a comment answering this question . . .

What kind of car does Finley drive?  Make, Model, Color

Happy Reading and don’t forget me tomorrow!


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3 thoughts on “Slightly Irregular week

  1. Cheryl S. on said:

    I enjoyed the excerpt. Finley drives a champagne pink Mercedes CLK convertible. Happy release day!

  2. Best of luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to read about Finley again. As far as her car…tricky. She’s wrecked so many. I can only remember the cherry red BMW 330Ci. Not sure if it was wrecked or the replacement. Happy Monday!

  3. Yeah, Finley has arrived!
    From Amy, who does not know why it isn’t saying so.

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