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My man

…is a man’s man.  He works with his hands and does that outdoors 80% of the time.  He might complain about the yard work for 2 acres but he likes getting his hands dirty.  He plants a large garden every year, hunts in the winter, and can fix just about anything.  Anything.  No kidding.  He was diesel engineer in the Marines and his talents don’t stop at mechanics.  He can build beautiful furniture, cook and is a master at the grill. 

The only subject he’s light on is electrical and he’s even willing to hire out for it. 

 Now, the disadvantage of the man’s man?  He won’t clean up after himself.

Let me state that all US Marines must ‘field day,’ aka clean enough for an inspection.  He did that as a troop, then taught troops as a Drill Instructor, and then he was the one doing the inspecting as a Sgt. Maj.

Believe me, he knows how to clean.   

Doesn’t matter.

He’s a man.  He goes from point A to point B and sees nothing in between.  Once he’s done with it, out of his mind. He’s never aware of tracking in mud and dirt, or that he’s covered in axel grease when he sits on the sofa.  Start there.

When he asks for help doing yard work, my response is ‘when he cleans one of the FOUR toilets in this house, then we’ll talk raking.’ 

He’ll go above and beyond to make you feeling comfortable as our house and he’ll drop everything to help you lay down a wood floor. 

Ask me if he’d do that for me and our house?  Ask, I dare you. 


If I want something done, I’ll start the project myself and he’ll take over, or go to hire someone and he nixes it and takes over.  I know him.  It’s how I get things done.

He’s a retired vet, yet holds down a 40 hr a week job that’s outside and back breaking work.

If he’s not shopping for tools, he’s useless at gift giving.  If I give him a list to choose from, he buys it all, and about five times what I could use in a year.

Yet for our 30th wedding anniversary, he gave me a card. (No I have not forgiven him yet) 

We’ve been married 34 years this May.  He still doesn’t get my sense of humor. 

One of these day’s he’ll figure it out.  I’m obviously patient where he’s concerned. 


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One thought on “My man

  1. But the pulled pork and the london broil make it worth it! I’m envious, I can start a project and my Bob will just leave it unfinished and glance at it every now and again and say, “We should get that taken care of.” So not helpful!

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