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Man Skills

Manly men

Yes, I love my hubby of almost 30 years.  He has many wonderful qualities.  But he has no man skills.  I don’t mean he can’t build furniture or anything that requires a power tool, we’re talking none.



He had to read the manual for my car to figure out how to pop the hood.  Then he had to read on to figure out where to put the windshield washer fluid.  No skills.  We once paid an electrician $75.00 to change a light bulb.  True story.  My hubby couldn’t figure out how to put in a florescent bulb.

But the worst part is he insists on trying.  And usually failing.  Or doing something stupid.  Like climbing up on the roof with a power washer.  At 70.  Can you say dumb move?

On a more positive note – he buys me great jewelry.  And at the end of the day I’ll take diamonds over light bulbs any day.

So what does your hubby/significant other do?

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3 thoughts on “Man Skills

  1. amyjfetzer on said:

    I’d take diamonds over a wrench weilder any day.

  2. Wouldn’t most women?

  3. amyjfetzer on said:

    but my husband’s idea of a gift is 50 pounds of cow manure.

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