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Trivia Round Two – Cyber Release Party!

Lets talk Zombies!

What is the number one zombie movie of all time?

What is George Ramero famous for?

In Zombieland, what did Tallahassee, aka Woody Harrelson, want throughout the movie?

Where should you hit a zombie in order to kill it?

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9 thoughts on “Trivia Round Two – Cyber Release Party!

  1. Night of The Living Dead!!! I loved it? I have no idea about the rest! But I do know this is a fantastic book!! Good luck!!

  2. traciella on said:

    Hmmm – there is one answer, lolol. You are the best, Mary! Thank you!!

  3. sheryl on said:

    1 -Night of the Living Dead, of course

    2- Zombie movies (including NLD)

    3 -Twinkies (NOT snowballs, it’s the texture)

    4- in the head (with a cricket bat or a banjo!)

  4. darynda on said:

    I love trivia!

    1) Okay, in terms of top grossing films, I think it was Zombieland. But Night of the Living Dead started it all. (I think I’m over analyzing these questions. LOL)

    2) Probably Night of the Living Dead, but Dawn of the Dead catapulted him to the top of the box office.

    3) Besides to kill zombies, Twinkies.

    4) The noggin. 🙂

  5. Roni Lynne on said:

    Back when I was in high school one of the Living Dead movies was filming not too far from my hometown. I was quite bummed when I couldn’t talk any of my friends into driving there to try and be zombie extras 😦

    The answers I would give to all 4 questions are the same as everyone elses’~

    Good luck with the book!

    ~Roni Lynne

    YA Adventures in the Paranormal…and Beyond!

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  6. traciella on said:

    Zombieland is the number one, believe it or not, with Night of the Living Dead coming close second! Zombie movies, and Twinkies and yes – the frontal lobe!!! You guys all rock!!!

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