2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Kitchen elves and their tools…

Catchy huh?

I used to love to cook but after 34 years, I’m so done.  If someone makes a choice, I’m happy.  If they cook it and serve me, I’m all over it.  When I do go all out, ‘I call it Zalla Gah Doola’ moments and that means stand back, I’m being Sicilian and enjoying it.  Your taste buds are going to have a party!

I have a mandolin slicer and a Slap Chop, yes the one on TV.  It works great  and great for speed chopping small ammounts.  Any gadget I prefer Stainless Steel because it lasts and cleans well.  My husband has a Batter Pro for frying fish but its a huge pain to clean.  SO much that I groan when I see that thing.  We have more appliances that gadgets and I will state that I have 5 coffee makers and use them all.  I complained about a crock pot for Christmas but its a great one. 3 temp levels and a timer that will turn it on for you as well as off.   My favorite is my over head vent for the stove.   who knew, huh?  But is secreted in a cabinet so all you see is a black bar the width of the stove.  It pulls out and turns on, lights up, and is super easy to clean those vents.  Being short, I used to hit my forehead on the hood. The men in my house are tall so they had to stand back to see under it.  You don’t know its there and yes, its was expensive.  Nearly $650 but my husband is the one who wanted it. =)  Sometimes there is advantages to taking the spouse on a shopping trip, as long as its in Lowes or Home Depot that is.

I’m off to write a historical…Amy


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