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Favorite Kitchen Gadget :(

I don’t like the kitchen, lol. Unless I’m there to pour wine…and it’s not like I have the fancy wine opener either. It’s way too complicated, and I don’t need if for the box, lol

I tossed the toaster, never replaced the coffee maker the last time the carafe broke, and dont use a toaster oven. The idea of a food processor makes me crazy. All those parts? I can’t even be responible for keeping the tupperware lids together.

I have a favorite pan that I use, and a pot for boiling noodles. A strainer.  I don’t make waffles or smoothies, so those things aren’t necessary. Geez. I guess after all of this, the coolest thing to be found in my kitchen is the dry erase board that people, mainly my college aged children, draw cartoon porn on.

I’m just not a gadget girl – but hey, on another note, Diary of  a Bad Boy is free for the next two days if you want to head over to amazon

Diary of a Bad Boy is a coming of age story about a kid who has had a few rough knocks, and his journey on getting his life back together. Enjoy!!



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