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Kitchen Fun

My favorite gadget?  My pasta maker.  It’s a simple dump and go system, just add the ingredients, it does all the mixing and kneading, then extrudes the pasta in any of 12 shapes.  And there is a difference between fresh and dry pasta.  The fresh is so much nicer.  And it is fun to play with since it comes with recipes for spinach pasta, sun dried tomato pasta and some decent sauce recipes.

I sorry, I can’t pick just one.  I have the best refrigerator ever.  It has French doors, so I actually can fit platters and whatever inside without battling the side-by-side issues.  It also has all sorts of compartments and fun stuff like a beverage drawer and yogurt slots (which can also accommodate cans of soda) and just about everything you could want in a fridge.  Technically it isn’t a gadget but I adore it all the same.

My knives are sacred as well.  No one is allowed to use my knives.  Mainly because they’d probably cut off a finger.  To keep them sharp enough to slice paper, I have them mounted on a magnet in my kitchen so there’s no blade-dulling block to mess up the edge.  But I’ll admit, they are pricey knives.  Most of them are $100.00 or more but they’re worth it IMHO.  I haven’t gotten out my mandolin in years.  Probably sitting in a box someplace in my garage.  Good knives make easy work of things and a sharp knife will not bruise a tomato or smash a loaf of fresh bread.

So what makes your kitchen life easier?

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One thought on “Kitchen Fun

  1. I love your fridge. I think the best part is how it is lit so you can see everything! I’m impatiently waiting for mine to die so I can get that mega food storage.

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