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Of all the books I’ve loved before…

As a writer there is nothing scarier, yet more exciting, than the beginning of a new book.  There’s a blank screen. A blinking cursor. And so many possibilities going around in your head that it’s really difficult to know where to start.

I happen to be a plotter when it comes to writing – well, mostly a plotter. A plotter with lots of wiggle room. I love to answer the “what happens if?” question, so there aren’t many books I gave up on, just books that lost their steam. That magical oomph that made the journey worth while. I keep them all because I know that the story lines work, it’s the characterization that requires spark – and when I am writing to a deadline for a book that is sold, I don’t want to spin my wheels with a book that isn’t.

My tweltfth book comes out in April, and my thirteenth comes out in May. I have 2 completed novels that are not agented and not sold…I have four manuscripts with a minimum of 100 pages completed that are not sold or contracted, and I have three completed manuscripts with my agent. I have four sixty page partials that are connected to other books. You never know when those might come in handy, lol. Ideas are plenty, it’s the time to finish the books that I am running low on. But if an editor were to ask me for a book, or a book idea, I have a little bit of something to choose from. I don’t ever trash anything, just carry the ideas from flash drive to flash drive as computers are switched out, lol

I’ve had story lines change, or plots change, but I keep the originals too. 

What about you? Can you throw an idea away?



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