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Books that changed my life


The books that changed my life  . . .

Gone With the Wind.  I discovered it when I was about twelve and I just couldn’t put it down.  I was completely mesmerized by Katie Scarlett O’Hara (which explains why my daughter’s name is Katie Scarlett).  She was the first flawed and imperfect heroine I’d seen to that point in my reading world.  The book is actually different from the movie – Scarlett has a baby with her first husband named Beau but in the film, that’s Melanie’s son.  Little things like that.  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t watch the movie regularly, in fact, I’ve blown through a tape and two DVDs so far.  And who can forget Rhett?  He’s heroic and flawed all at once but you find his flaws sexy as the story progresses.  And his deep love for Scarlett just makes him all the more appealing.

The second keeper on my shelves that I read regularly is Jane Eyre.  It was my introduction to romantic suspense.  Yes, it had some creepy in it but the interplay between   Jane may be the earliest feminist out there.  She was vulnerable but never scared of Mr. Rochester and she took matters into her own hands.  She walked away from true love not as a victim, but as a strong, independent woman who wouldn’t compromise on her principles.  Of course it has a happy ending.  But that’s what romantic suspense is all about.

So what are your favorite reads?


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One thought on “Books that changed my life

  1. dawnrdennis on said:

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. I come from Kansas. Completely and totally land-locked Kansas. Not a coastline for literally A THOUSAND MILES. When I read this book it honestly changed my life. All of that sea life and ocean. Oh my heart. I almost can’t even express to you how as a young girl I longed to see that ocean. It opened my eyes to the big world out there. Up until then I couldn’t really comprehend anything but waving wheat, ungodly hot and humidity and tornadoes. And he was talking about submarines years before they even existed. How amazing is that. A couple of years ago, I stumbled across an undersea restaurant in the Maldives called Ithaa and I’m sure it’s exactly how Captain Nemo dined. I hope to see this one day before I die.

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