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Happy thursday! Rhonda’s posts have been very informative – thank goodness one of us was paying attention at Sleuthfest 🙂

In between rehearsing with Heather and her peeps, there was some down time. Down time?? What is THAT? I know!! Well, I used my down time to calm my chaotic thoughts – which have been on overdrive (and are again since I’ve been home) mostly because I have two new books out, one in April, and one in May, and there is marketing and blog tours and postcards…on top of that, the dog needs surgery, my daughter needs her wisdom teeth pulled, and the water heater broke. Oh yeah! I am on deadline for a book due May 1.

So, down time? lolol – What an opportunity! After tea, a nap and starting Heather Graham’s newest great book, UNSEEN,  Michael Meeske and I started talking career. We shared information on predictions of the e future, and we brainstormed story ideas and I even came up with a pen name, should I need one. He read that the expected normal price point for an ebook, unless you are an established name, will be 99 cents. That scared me, because it’s already true. It also got my mind spinning. What can I write that I can build up an audience, where I don’t mind making 99 cents? Could I do it? Should I?  The possibilities alone brought incredible energy as we plotted how to take over the e world.

Anyone who has ever had a chance to talk industry with Rhonda Pollero knows that the woman is an amazing fount of information, and she’s very generous in sharing it. The last two years, conferences have been about “what about ebooks?” Conferences are now switching to, “What about print books?” As Rhonda stated in her post, mass market is dying. Trade is decent, and hard covers will no doubt rise in price as they become collector’s items. But here is the great news! Readers are reading!! At a phenomenal pace, books are being discovered, and devoured. Indie stores are up, taking their places in the market as the book giants flounder.

I was speaking with another person about bookstore chains, and the independent book stores. Now is the perfect time to get to know your bookseller – Joanne at Murder on the Beach is a kick, and very helpful. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, and professionally share your work. And how many of us follow bookstores on twitter and facebook? It’s a good idea, that’s all I’m saying. Just as you have an author central page for Amazon, so should you have one for Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, and Powell.

Kathleen Pickering is a master at networking and she is terrific at meeting people and making them feel welcome as she plies them for state secrets, lol. We need to think outside the box as we market, and write, and promote. How can we reach the widest audience? The same way it’s always been – word of mouth.

Saturday night, I also met with  Shannon Aviles of More Than Publicity – I’ve hired her to help me with my brand and marketing, and she is a creative dynamo. I’m looking forward to the process of going to the next level.

Well, that skims my Sleuthfest experience, lol, but once again I’ve left feeling refreshed, energized and ready to write. Because despite all the hoopla centered on marketing, if I can’t write my way out of a paperbag, everything else is pointless!





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