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Sleuthfest, from another point of view


I am going to blog about Sleuthfest from the networking angle, since I didn’t participate in the panels. Because I was going to Orlando as part of Heather Graham’s Slushpile entourage, I only signed up for Saturday’s events. I have to tell you that smaller conferences such as these are a terrific way to get to know people. I spent the first evening we were there with Jeffrey Deaver, who is very nice despite how scary he writes, and John Gilpin, who shared some interesting reasons for writing dark. It all stems back to childhood 🙂

In my personal writing, the one thing I am consistent on is a happy ending. My characters can be tortured and abused and misunderstood, but at the end of the book, there will be a light of hope.  I was introduced to the mystery genre when I discovered Nancy Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series, which I bought because of the cover. Since then I have devoured all sorts of mysteries and thrillers. Currently I’m caught up in Rhonda Pollero’s Finley Anderson Tanner series. I couldn’t love Finley more if she were a real person. There are mystery elements in my romance/paranormal novels, just as there are romance elements in the MG mystery I wrote (and my agent is shopping, if anyone knows of a place to push it, lol) when it comes down to it, learning the craft of writing is what matters most. Networking with more than just one group of writers is important, especially when you write cross-genre.

I met a lot of really interesting writers, from aspiring authors to the multi pubbed. Conferences allow you to build your writing muscles, and enjoy what is mostly a solitary gig with other people who know exactly what you go through on a daily basis. Charlaine Harris shared her writing day, which seemed to center around letting her dogs in and out of the house, lol.

Michael Meeske and I brainstormed writing and talked e books, and predictions for the future. Kathleen Pickering shared her magic, quite literally, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings. Teresa Davant and Connie Perry are the women who keep everything afloat. It is a blessing to have friends like these, lol. Heather Graham is as amazing and beautiful and generous as she is talented. And as for playing charades? I had to bring in a ringer (Rhonda, lol) after Michael, Teresa and I got our asses handed to us the night before. Ask Michael about Ben Hurr <g>

I made a new friend in Don Bruns, who does a great rendition of Margaritaville. I sang back up with Britin Haller, Piks and Michael – to which I owe Heather big for making a dream of mine come true. You know how some kids want to grow up and be president? Well, it was a singer for me, all the way. I’ve included a few pictures from Saturday night! And I think I will be posting more on thursday…



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11 thoughts on “Sleuthfest, from another point of view

  1. Traci you are one of those writers you speak of. You are successful and a born storyteller extraordinaire! I must say Michael looks dashing and you look lovely in that shot! I totally agree with everything you say about the people that you mention. They are incredible and I have never know the likes before meeting you…

  2. Great pic- love you and Michael!! Sounds like you had too much fun , as usual.
    Enjoyed you blog, and can’t wait to hear about your new book, happy ending and all!

  3. Actually, I don’t think I look so great in a hat. But it was wonderful being there with everyone, even though I didn’t attend the conference. Loved every minute of it, especially brainstorming with you Traci, and singing with the Slushettes. Heather knows how to throw a great party. And who could forget Rhonda’s version of ANIMAL HOUSE during charades. Yeah!

  4. In the picture up top – at Raglan’s – everyone has vampire eyes except F. Paul Wilson. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

  5. Looks like you all had a great time!

  6. Michael you look dashing! I’m so glad you had a great time and got to sing with the band. A thrill for sure. Now if they ask you back you’ll know you got it!
    I do have to go to more of these things!! Looks like I missed a lot of fun!

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