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Personality types

I have to be honest, until Rhonda posted about using a personality test for character, Iit never occured to me to do it.  Now. I personally have been called all sorts of ‘traits.’  I remember one guy refered to me as obnoxious.  But he was a weak willed man who couldn’t make a decision and I was the leader of the group.  We clashed.    So when it comes to characters, put your self in the mix and ask. just who’d piss you off?   Who would you butt heads with?  Why?  See where I’m going with this?

Creating characters means dipping deep into the psyche.  Certain personalities just rub me the wrong way.  (as I am certain mine does to others)  First, a door mat.  All I want to do is bitch slap you in the back of head and ask, when did you learn to think so little of yourself?  Now dig deeper and try to understand the WHY?

Events shape us, no question about it.  How have they shaped you?

have a great day


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