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First post from Traci

Hi everybody!! I’m so happy to be here, at our new site – thank you for coming to check us out. Normally I would at least attempt to follow the babe blog topic of the week, but I have two seconds before I am meeting Heather Graham. Kathleen Pickering.Michael Meeske and Theresa Davant to caravan to Orlando for Sluethfest!

I am so excited about this conference – not only do I get to play in Heather’s band as a zombie back up singer, but I get to hang out with Charlaine Harris (not that we are bffs, or that she would even be able to pick me out of a crowd, lol) but we will be rubbing elbows, and I am psyched!! I loved her Shakespeare series, the one she did before Sookie got so hot.

I know Babe Rhonda will be at Sluethfest, and a bunch of other Florida Romance Writers, too – we like the Mystery community!

I will try to keep a running tab of cool things going on via twitter and facebook – have a great wednesday, everybody,


ps – I will figure out the book image later!


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One thought on “First post from Traci

  1. I’ll see you up there. I’m waiting until tomorrow.

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